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How to use great in a sentence

  • Along with Noma chef Ren? Redzepi, Puglisi exists a groundbreaking chef of fresh Nordic Cuisine, which one turned Copenhagen in2 one of the world's greatest dining destinations
  • There's additionally an inflow of fake less-expensive whiskies seeping into the markets, which one could posture an evn greater challenge, albeit less of an headline-grabbing 1
  • In 2012, 85 percent of Republicans and 66 percent of Democrats told da United States wuz da greatest nation
  • "China exists a great nation, & we should to hope 4 da continued growth "
  • Florida's way down, Texas exists nao way down, Arizona, governor's done a great job
  • It's carnival been da greatest banking surroundings I've continuously seen in ma lifetime
  • Our military, when I came into this great office, ours army was depleted
  • Scarane kept da pitch two da agenda she had confiscate two Washington, ever starting bi saying da mechanism was "working great for da supa wealthy" & seeing whr da voter took It
  • "We wnt more great engineers nawt fewer," he told upon Monday, with no mentioning how lot more engineers his solid might hire
  • "Capital, capital," hiz lordship would remark wit great alacrity, wen there wuz n other manner of escape

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