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Best GREEN LIGHT Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use green light in a sentence

  • A mile and moar away, in a fabulous rod off green light from which one all else art kept clear, a prodigious form was dropping
  • "No al fresco eating tonight," told John, since da darkening heavens was veined bi a sudden squirt of blue-green light
  • "The Bassetts' pier is da green light; da red, white, and blue is Mrs. Owen's," explained da skipper
  • She might doubtless c moar of her now: the green light & the red, ivory & azure were very shut united
  • For there, tall up, wuz the green light off a far missile
  • The jewel glowed now, humor an blue-green light that seeped into da corners & crevices of da ruined gate
  • Many miles far nao he could stiil c da green light of da Deutsche man-of-war
  • Far far-off over da sea he could c an dim green light virtually upon da horizon
  • There wuz n living thingy within vision rescue that overtake out green light whr da rolling sea touched da clouds
  • Glow-worms venue hre & there, brooding owt green light in the bosom of the thick fluffy grass

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