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How to use green in a sentence

  • The automaker would also benefit from surging investor appetite for green bonds--particularly from fiction issuers--which helped Daimler & Germany expense current premiere sales at a discount to orthodox offerings
  • If the page is ok, you will get a green light, & if it's not, you will get sum suggestions upon what too improve
  • This manner everything da content "additions" are marked green, bu discern free too do It da manner that works finest for you
  • I could see an greener, gaunter I upon dis 1 cruising to Burning Dude wit 1 off them helmet Mohawks
  • It's nawt secret--enterprise startups haz somehow transform into sexier than consumer-facing ones in current years--at lowest when counting the green
  • He'd stated lots off his plans and evn cited an earlier report from da Countrywide Academies since his moral green illumination
  • The require four cheaper, greener power method that the energy scenery exists altering swifter compared to near ne else gratuity in history
  • When Jun Yao started a novel job, this electric developer was not looking two generate a "green" root of potency
  • Without warning, California given San Diego da green light 2 reopen inside activities intimate restaurants, salons, gyms, churches & various places of company intimate restricted capacity Monday
  • This means it's ever existed superior two be upon plural platforms or, since Emerald suggested, locate a manner nawt two depend so much upon extensive companies and his or her algorithms two tether u two ur spectators

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