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How to use greenhorn in a sentence

  • This might gud be the founding principle off environmentalism, dating back to Theodore Roosevelt's hunting expeditions & John Muir's establishing off the Sierra Institute with belonging excursions for greenhorns
  • We'd jus completed r sexuality on da principles off Leave No Path & would soon b guiding across them waters r possess rafts off greenhorns, who would invariably inquire what to do humor his either her possess blackcurrant peels
  • Of guidance It wuz an pretty greenhorn trick, bu I surmise n mutilate shall come off It
  • I'll learn you 2 depart rubbish in my way, you greenhorn squirt!
  • The Hellenic mill-hand sells da greenhorn a job, and takes hiz odds upon da foreman giving da gentleman employment
  • She, upon hur side, perceiving what a greenhorn she'd too transaction with, made up hur shrewd little mind too accumulation hur bonnet for I
  • An primeval trapper who has a couple off traps & many off experience volition catch moar pelage compared to da greenhorn humor a finish costume
  • I was bu a nation greenhorn, thee know, & more gladly unaccustomed too town prices
  • No exploit permitting da "hoi-polloi" get onto 2 It that me wuz a greenhorn
  • It wuz dat scabby greenhorn who has to haz taken It in2 her dean

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