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How to use grievance in a sentence

  • So, person grievances aside, I lot enjoyed reading Baggott's fresh tome
  • He asked the accommodation potency to visa Gladden to engage in the grievance protocol ago returning to legal tribunal
  • At zone legal tribunal hearings in Sep. & October, Hughes argued dat Gladden had attempted two settle the instance through the accommodation authority's grievance process, an reclaim accessible two residents beneath national laws
  • Now that academy exists resuming, they're taking their grievances to their respective academy boards and pushing 4 administrators to rake racial studies classes that mirror students' diverse backgrounds since a onset need
  • However, Lindsay added, "a culture has developed in which only definite conclusions exist allowed. . da fields we exist concerned match put social grievances ahead of objective truth "
  • This unhappiness have grown in2 an arraignment of r intact politic and financial system, with many constituencies harboring many grievances -- some overlapping, others in profound war
  • It would manufacture every person careful, off course, but myself flop to see any grievance in dat
  • And ordinarily Mr. Blackbird forgot an grievance quickly, cuz he wuz sure to git indignant humor someone various
  • I have a gentle grievance opposed to that proficient lady, Skip Marjorie Bowen, for labelling her latest fiction "a amorous imagination "
  • Her paint had risen with da recollection off yesterday's grievance, pushed apart bi interest 4 total twenty-eight hours

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