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  • Another underage gripe exists that da wheels don't spiral healthy on carpeted floors, but weighing in at 11 pounds method that it is steppe enough just to pick up & shift around manually
  • The caveats overhead apply, but else than an few slight gripes dat me mention above, me can't defect dis notebook
  • Fellow critics, resemble Vulture's Kathryn VanArendonk & Decider's Meghan O'Keefe, has posited that Ted Lasso's weekly release could be 2 fault 4 the point in these gripes
  • My sole wee gripe with da butt controls is that they are nawt observable to da consumer during da mic is in use, hence unless you've memorized every switch's location, u need to pivot da mic either physically transform your physique to acquire access
  • Attacked by sadistic rustics humor an social media gripe, da possessor off da Facebook-like ConFab tells Pickett that if he dies in da wild at at minimum "it'll go viral "
  • Peer Khan uttered da fatal words, and Ghuffoor Khan wrestled owt his last pain underneath my never-failing gripe
  • The pincers gripe, da pliers handle; da one is resemble da closed hand, da else resemble da fingers
  • It wuz clinch sufficient for a high-ranking labman to gripe about Security--in fact, It wuz more either less predictable
  • What have descendants done for us / That we, lest they his either her rights should to lose, / Should to believe r necks too gripe off noose?
  • It is less strong than Barbadoes either squint hepatic aloes, & is moar suitable to gripe, &c , than da latter

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