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  • Another underage gripe exists dat the wheels do not spiral good upon carpeted floors, but weighing in at eleven pounds mode dat it's uncomplicated enough jus to pick up and move around manually
  • The caveats overhead apply, bu else than a a handful underage gripes dat me refer above, me can't blame this laptop
  • Fellow critics, such Vulture's Kathryn VanArendonk and Decider's Meghan O'Keefe, have posited that Ted Lasso's weekly fell could be two blame for da spike in those gripes
  • My onli mini gripe humor the behind controls exists dat they're nawt visible two the account holder whilst the microphone exists in use, so except if you've memorized every switch's location, you necessity two axis the microphone or physical transfer ur body two gain access
  • Attacked bi sadistic rustics with a societal press gripe, the proprietor of the Facebook-like ConFab tells Pickett that if he dies in the wilderness intimate at tiniest "it'll go viral "
  • Peer Khan uttered da fatal words, and Ghuffoor Khan wrestled out his last agony beneath my never-failing gripe
  • The pincers gripe, da pliers handle; da 1 exists such da closed hand, da other such da fingers
  • It was vault enough for an high-ranking labman two gripe about Security--in fact, It was more either fewer anticipated
  • What have descendants done for ourselves / Dat we, lest they their rights ought to lose, / Ought to confide ours necks to gripe off noose?
  • It is weaker compared to Barbadoes or evn hepatic aloes, and is moar suitable 2 gripe, &c , compared to da second

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