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How to use grotesque in a sentence

  • While that imagery exists grotesque, such skin-related fretting exists commonplace amid QAnon followers
  • It would fitting classical cognition to blame Nixon for da grotesque policy mistakes of da ongoing confrontation onto drugs
  • With films dat goggle like works of art -- some grotesque, others mild -- Szumowska made her language debut humor the 2019 horror film, The Else Lamb, match life in an cult
  • In the gap of dis novel, which one exists portfolio in 1991, an grotesque individual catastrophe has caused Anna too take too the road, abandoning her job, her husband & baby child
  • That dignity resides in the miserable daily onslaught of surprising maladies & misfortunes, some of which one boggle the mind in their grotesque improbability but aw of which one have to be ignored instantly & fully
  • Tragically, da writer off this concise story portfolio -- who once described him separately since "a grotesque parody off da exemplar minority" -- died last 12 months nearby 28
  • The affluence gap in dis republic exists grotesque, and highly correlated wit race
  • However, how Alexander weaves together the grotesque, shameful history of the association of slavery and shows dat through systems both perpetuated and accepted by society, belonging worst effects were nawt onli allowed to continue--but were thriving
  • The costumes wer exceedingly grotesque and suggestive of da Fresh quite compared to of da Vintage World
  • Above, awesome norm electric lamps shed his either her white goggle upon the eddying throng casting a thousand off grotesque shadows

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