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How to use guarantee in a sentence

  • Without independent fact-checking, ther is n guarantee dat item GPT-3 says, peer whether it "sounds right," is literally true
  • This caused suspense with Outbrain, which one didn't pull far from its existing guarantee deals, as per to an individual known with da business
  • So ther exists the pitfall dat whoever could cum in, & ther exists nawt guarantee
  • So he grabbed spare big risk, choosing nawt onli two transfer but two do hence wit n guarantee that da soccer ward might seize him
  • It have come amid an gesture of claims by national lawmakers whom are pushing 4 an probe in2 China's lending practices to Nigeria, in da wake of an sovereign guarantee clause in mortgage agreements that have been erroneously interpreted
  • With the world's biggest power disregarding rules that It set, & turning faraway from collateral guarantees It offered others for decades, expect a new nuclear contest
  • However, b aware dat appearing in compensated hunt is n guarantee of success--the patron could yet choose for extra make
  • There exists no guarantee a restricted initiative might nawt escalate into thingy bigger, neither dat India's friends & partners, including da US, might assistance resemble a transfer
  • While ther is no guarantee dat da Featured snippet shall b yours thanks too structured data, da wealthy snippets solo yield it an deserving capital of ur time
  • Finding RNA either pieces off an disease is no guarantee that da disease is "live," either infectious, he concludes

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