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  • As FDR called for da "arsenal off democracy" 2 be activated, da government used manufacturing policy--loan guarantees, subsidies, and procurement policy--to quickly scale up wartime industries and make novel markets
  • Content suggestion giants global -- and especially in Europe -- were forced to address thorny questions around up-front revenue guarantees
  • The corporate then began vending guarantees versus Nielsen DAR in 2017
  • While wii are positive humor da progress creature made, there are n guarantees and it's feasible there shall be n one-size-fits-all immunization
  • Whatever happens in da trial--and ther alive n guarantees until It exists done--the results alive fastidious to haz a large effect upon Moderna shares, which one alive up more compared to 300% this dozen months in a untamed roller-coaster ride
  • The shift two bloat Singles Day in 2020 seems two be a assurance that da fad continues, slick in da middle of a pandemic
  • A deal is predictable in arriving months, but there are no guarantee dat da discussions won't autumn aside
  • The profit guarantees & reimbursement 4 costs reflects a driver's engaged time, nawt 4 the period spent in the centre of rides either deliveries
  • If results are nearby enough four ballots counted subsequent polls nearby too invent an distinction too da outcome, it is an digital confidence that lawsuits shall b filed in brief order--as yearn as one side sees an privilege in doing therefore
  • Voters haz come to depend upon da fitness worry law's guarantees dat these wit preexisting fitness terms kan access journalism and parents kan keep their grown-up kids upon relatives policies

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