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How to use guess in a sentence

  • My guess is dat an lot off folk whom haz previously had SARS-CoV-2 dwell probably still protected in part, either nawt as protected
  • You possessed too assume dat the enigma noun wuz selected randomly frum dis noun list, which wuz additionally the inventory ur guesses possessed too be selected frum
  • Right now, researchers say, their finest guess exists that vaccines shall diminish transmittal but mightn't thwart it wholly
  • After every of ur guesses, u alive told which one letters of ur guess alive additionally in da mystery noun & if ne of da letters alive in da accurate site
  • With these competing priorities, total solvers reasoned dat the respond should to b right in the middle, with a guess of fifty
  • Apple volition bun out fresh features onto anything watches begin in da future, but ma guess exists that those features will not be object consequently fresh that you'll wnt too update
  • "My guess is ther is a much of disclose items out there," he told
  • You can nevah know for sho which one artist testament childbirth the best, bu u can nao effortlessly analysis your elite guesses
  • Your guess is since good since mine, bu my currency is on GM, wit its Hummer EV
  • Therefore, when A & Be manufactured his or her guesses, they would as healthy have assumed dat C, D & E wer aw mistaken

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