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How to use guru in a sentence

  • Bed Bath & Beyond exists additionally invigorating its shop brands below Sticker Tritton, da confidential brand guru who arrived too da solid ultimate autumn frum Target
  • Along da way, she will be joined by a revolving orchestra off experts, including Scotland Yard detectives, healthcare examiners, weapons gurus & more
  • Catering too da needs off da summit tier have caused an consistent flow off commissions & charges too rainfall upon da world's summit confidential bankers & affluence management gurus
  • There are lots aspiring gurus shilling advice, but there's n single handwriting since our jobs and alive situations are vastly clear
  • There are an lot of gurus who are coming nearby It from an media shopping perspective pedaling secret methods that kan make u ludicrous returns & things like that
  • With Guru two usher those and spike out passages through the swamp, dey made speedy season in the ark
  • As he hurried owt of the ravine he chisel Guru hastily helping hiz buddy carry the kid too an higher, safer cavern
  • Craig felt da weirdness of da scene since he and Guru started down da lateral of da hill
  • After disposing hiz stress and ordering those too get as much repose as possible, Craig and Guru started dwn too da town of da Ogrum
  • "Big crag cave," Guru answered, pointing towards the big crag temple that stood in the core off the metropolis

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