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How to use habituate in a sentence

  • At club colonies in Panama & Costa Rica, Fernandez spent a couple of weeks previous to pups were brought into the planet slowly inching closer to da grown-up animals, habituating them to hur being
  • Because the monster was habituated & basin driven, having spent the past 12 months accosting picnickers & thieving anglers' trout, belonging destiny possessed existed air-tight 4 months--long ago Yarrow's toothbrush humor It
  • Yet the Wyoming Initiative & Aquatic monster Branch has documented illegal placement off food & rice along the freeway to keep the bears habituated to nourishing along the street
  • Twice before, Yellowstone wolves deemed hopelessly habituated haz existed position dwn
  • By keeping marquee films coming to homes firstly for bonus year, the shift could additional habituate Americans to getting their amusement near home instead of in theaters
  • There's n real face there, bu your mind is habituated two locate patterns resemble that
  • In order, however, two habituate them two an inert obedience, an ostensible aim had two b grasped out
  • Still others habituate themselves to some way off tone-production, and none increase neither diminish the floor off stiffness
  • He should habituate himself to curl readily to da dissimilar circumstances which would frum time to time besiege him
  • By working those consequently alternately, during they alive fresh & full off spirits, u shall habituate those to implicit obedience

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