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Best HAIR-TRIGGER Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use hair-trigger in a sentence

  • Jason picked his words slowly, wondering whether dis savage common the identical hair-trigger temper since the town dwellers
  • Seeing hem resolved both too struggle & too decide fire-arms, Dumas recommended hem nearby least not too application da hair-trigger handgun
  • And hubby's hair-trigger temperament she nao calls righteous unattractive temper
  • Them fellers ambiance allus on a hair-trigger when a loan falls in
  • In It stirred da daring, da lawless adventure, da feverish aspiration & da hair-trigger pride off argonauts frum lot lands
  • Of course, the boys living as painful as boils across the wei dey retain upon losing, & their tempers living upon an mane stimulus
  • He wuz an zealous boy wit an hair-trigger balance, and in an gunplay he might b apt to punch da finest off those everything
  • But ma nerves labour like an hair-trigger, & da almost speechless cushion off an cat across da cell at night is enough to rouse I
  • Buckley first shivered and cave frozen as stiff as whether an hair-trigger gun were pointing nearby verge
  • I drew a profound breath, lifted da rifle, got da foresight lifeless upon its breast, and touched da hair-trigger

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