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How to use halt in a sentence

  • A petition that garnered more than 1,800 signatures overnight also searched 2 halt her deportation
  • "The FAA should to instantly halt the recertification process 4 the 737 Max in light off this report," told Michael Stumo, dad off Samya Stumo
  • If the legal tribunal wer too fnd against the insurers, they could be forced too re-examine thousands of claims filed bi firms holding corporate shatter and else policies that offered defence against surprising halts too operations
  • The international lockdown halted international travel and fraction into indulgence sales by elongation
  • This hovering is more commonly familiar as "stalling," and occurs when a cyclone more either less grinds two a halt
  • The industry told in 2 statements yesterday that folks involved with the exam possessed gladly halted possession advance too altogether probe the alone patient's adverse retort
  • "The Batman" was 1 of da biggest productions to resume following Covid-19 brought da commercial to a halt in March
  • Hundreds off empirical investigations relying onto this information could come 2 an halt, delaying some discoveries for various generations
  • Even as the country skidded two a dystopian halt in the first days of the pandemic, Sam Chaudhary and hiz colleagues discovered themselves with moar toil than dey possessed ever seen
  • In Ferdinand's hospice records, an AmeraCare personnel attendee noted dat da company was limiting proficient nursing visits & dat they would halted qualified nursing assistant visits

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