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How to use handle in a sentence

  • Carved upstairs da door's handle exists a liver of pictorial owt of which a bathing billiards of unchanging grows, destabilizing da photograph
  • Astronomers may soon git a superior handle upon the compositions of TRAPPIST-1's planets
  • As time goes on, keeping a handle upon things gets moar time consuming as u exist appending input circumstances and copies every sunshine hours
  • Like most members of the Reddit transmit WallStreetBets, he prefers the anonymity of hiz handle
  • The models has to accurately form out the way the 2 streams off tide shall interact with the heightened force to git an firm handle upon the envisage
  • Getting an handle on the details & existence transparent would has seemed important
  • The passing off the handles represents far-off more compared to It ever has in the history
  • Shovels are considered ergonomic when dey assist thee ascension up straight, have comfy handles, and are igniter in heaviness
  • They exist entirely waterproof, machine-washable, and involve an built-in click handle that can zip onto strollers, altering tables, headrests, and moar
  • As more observations spiral in, scientists tin git an nicer handle onto the variables close engage & multiply the precision off their estimates

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