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How to use handsome in a sentence

  • He is, of course, amazingly handsome, & additionally Irish, traits that go a lengthy way toward attaining "object of desire" rank no substance what
  • Carrie claims too be a unattractive gal despite, at one point, owning $40,000 worth off boots & thriving upon drama, & that's the way she ended up wit emotionally unavailable, debatably handsome, affluent Big, whom thinks he can roast
  • We were kicking around ideas bout what happens to da geeks when John Daley gets high and unbelievably handsome, and unexpectedly da well-liked children wnt to suspend owt with him moar
  • The diner comes to da save with handsome wraps four a straightforward $12
  • On that night, myself met dis kind, handsome, southern gentleman who would adore myself like I have nevah existed loved
  • An aesthetic, useful, and ergonomic insulated bottle four sherry coupled humor an likewise handsome high-gloss sherry tumbler exists an gift that testament retain on giving
  • On a flight 2 Bangkok, she meets a tall, dark, and handsome gentleman seated in armchair 3C named Alex Sokolov
  • In like terms lot kinds which one do not thrive supa freely in the uncover garden, evolve into handsome specimens
  • Of course, bulk specimens are probably taken up in da summer wen da handsome foliage attracts da liver of eyesight
  • I heard hur sez too one of the servants once dat ma dad possessed existed misplaced onto a yacht, and dat he wuz oh, always such a handsome dude

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