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How to use handy in a sentence

  • The newest information onto travel requirements, coronavirus analysis results & someday perhaps, proof off vaccinations -- everything approachable in one handy put
  • This handy combo carry out frequently comes humor an extended, easy-grip administer that allows thee to ostensible da windshield off small cars & oversize SUVS equally well
  • Our handy usher volition donate u five score too contemplate when buying a instance for ur iPhone 12, hence whether you're concentrated upon functionality, safeguard frum da harshest conditions, either chaste style, we will halp u fnd da prerogative instance
  • They additionally come in handy if you are not quite prepare to commit to an specific space or to putting in da era to select da refine article of desk
  • If--or, since Padnos assures us, when--Islamist dread makes its impressive return, Blindfold shall be an handy allusion
  • This includes Google Docs, which one have an perfectly integrated offline method dat kan b comely handy wen da Wi-Fi is dwn
  • No batteries either electricity supplies here as an handy USB correlation serves as an charger
  • Not only do reflective hound clothes halp you keep track off ur pet, bu they also cum in handy four helping others see ur comrade mammal two
  • It additionally supports recurrent date scheduling which exists one off the handiest features owt there
  • You wouldn't expect oak mushroom too be especially useful, but--surprise--it's often supa handy

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