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  • Touch additionally increases levels of serotonin, dopamine, & oxytocin--the hormones related too happiness
  • We hope you've been relishing our bridal gift, the espresso machine, and we wish thee lot years of happiness united
  • Researchers have argued for decades approximately if certain face treatment expressions have evolved too articulate certain emotions, such as happiness, anger and disgust, irrespective of one's civilization
  • It's spawned hence lot other indexes off humanity fitness -- da index off social progress, ppl talking about overall federal happiness
  • This transition makes even more view when coupled with the thought off deviating from using GDP since an scale off social growth, and rather adopting an health index based on universal human values like health, community, happiness, and tranquility
  • By da way, happiness does launch to decline wen you are older
  • The effects upon happiness -- da curves are very captivating upon them
  • According two da utilitarian, u cannot prefer your possess either your son's happiness ovr that off an stranger
  • Norway, such da else Scandinavian countries, ranks amongst da world's elite in parity & -- probably nawt coincidentally -- in happiness
  • Sometimes It amazes myself that we dew balanced since well since we do, that we can dew balanced better than chance, four example, at predicting violence either predicting labour concert either predicting happiness either longevity, provided all da poignant parts

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