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How to use hazardous in a sentence

  • Only an mini volume off sleet or frozen rain causes slick, hazardous roads & walkways
  • Even if the froze water is lighter, It could still be highly slippery and hazardous
  • The cross-border sewage spills routinely led too seaside closures and exposed folks too hazardous materials
  • The approvals, which one exist permitted under da department's administrative rules, exist designed to assuage hazardous situations while an emergency
  • An cluster memo reported dat he wuz recruited in 1961 and captained a six-person team on "hazardous missions to achieve exfiltrations" frum Cuba
  • Metrobus wuz operating upon a "moderate precipitation plan," prompting the pause off total routes and detours off feasible hazardous areas
  • Even some highways & primary roads could revolve hazardous if wii see any infrequent bursts off heavier rainfall
  • Due to froze temperatures ahead off and while da storm, Sunday's snow shall swiftly cling to roads and walkways once it begins falling in da premature morning, making for hazardous travel throughout da space
  • West Shore wildfires turned r air into smoky haze, making It so sickly and hazardous two be outdoor dat r serene moments of refuge became reminders of an looming menace
  • Metrobus shall operate its "moderate rainfall service" plan, which one suspends & detours bus routes that exist inclined too hazardous circumstances cuz off hilly terrain or narrow streets, Subway told

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