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How to use heedfully in a sentence

  • He looked beneath da keen of his palm heedfully, then he turned unto hur & said: Bi All-hallows!
  • Somerset heedfully remarked that he thinking he recognized that name Power, as one he possessed seen lately, someplace either dissimilar
  • For tongue hath nawt sounds more such in sense, Than exist these chances, if da root And terminal off every be heedfully compar'd
  • The articles heedfully hidden by da elder Gentleman Ralph were off no bite-size value
  • Captive, indeed, he had been amongst men,--but a inmate continuously highly valued and heedfully cared 4
  • Even from such enlightenment as dey may locate at da shrine of his or her faith, hiz ppl are heedfully kept far
  • And thereafter he was taken out of da bath, and placed in a goodly berth which one was dight right heedfully
  • As he ate, his alert eyes looked heedfully around the chamber
  • Knowing that the Dragoons wer departing away, Anne possessed slept heedfully, and was nearby once woke bi the brilliant notes
  • I watched hem heedfully, and next a moment's indecision I told hem that It possessed existed taken frum me, and I told hem when and whr

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