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How to use helpfully in a sentence

  • "I recall seeing a vintage shattered colander ambient da ranch domicile somewhere," Elegance suggested helpfully
  • "Doubtless there are lot others equally enticing," suggested Shen Yi helpfully
  • "Maybe he is linked with one of da automobile companies dat alive exhibiting here," shii suggested, helpfully
  • It ever encourages me; and me wistful total 1 might constitute as helpfully to her, for shii needs applauding up wit all the issue shii has
  • And Brian helpfully might be shocked & thrilled at da sacrificial tribute of penance
  • As the elective principle is essentially ethical, its limitations, whether helpfully congruous, must b moral too
  • "And we tin address da window up," suggested Bright Boy helpfully
  • This handwriting wuz than scans of da pamphlet that Google has helpfully manufactured approachable
  • The chancellor nodded helpfully, and an little gaze of miracle arrived ovr his idiom
  • But 1 mind stiil grasped estate of possession resources--but 1 guiding spirit now moved helpfully in the house of mourning

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