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How to use hideous in a sentence

  • There's Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, da hideous still hapless Trumpist whom mentored hatemonger Stephen Miller
  • For others, it is an plain graveyard, the proof off one off ours nation's majority hideous acts off manufacturing hubris, damning the Southwest's largest free-flowing artery, the Colorado Flow
  • You tin drawing the queue from Andy Warhol to these hideous, hundred-and-whatever storied towers finish of peachy rich semi-residents along the southern border of Central Park
  • As hideous since it is now, to Peinado & others there's n wei to imagine it getting any something bu lesser
  • Somehow, a campus I one time thinking hideous have become gorgeous two I
  • Aristide in a hideous scarlet mask & humor a pouch off confetti beneath hiz arm, plunged humor zeal in2 the revelry
  • On da upper part of every of those posts was an discourteous carving of an hideous humankind saying with exceptional dentition
  • A hideous vintage crone covered with rags knelt beside the Duchesss, whom onto departure the accommodate of worship offered her holy irrigate
  • During aw dis time they howl continually in a most discordant manner, and make the most hideous faces
  • In da 2nd slice off da poem da feminine exists endangered by an unwelcome suitor, in da individual off an hideous giant

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