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How to use hiding in a sentence

  • The hireling told WABE dat he changed his look & went in2 hiding 4 3 days
  • Beneath da boulder is a hollow, a impeccable hiding put for teeny victim
  • He seemed to realize every one hiding address for the large rainbow and beige in Hebgen Lake and the Madison River
  • Developers testament accept an a few more clarifications, too, around item nawt to do, like hiding features, or nawt creature explicit bout an app's functionality
  • Just pluck It out of its hiding site onto the bottom of the phone & clack the termination switch
  • A aboriginal brought info that a fundraiser and his wife were hiding in a swamp at the motorway
  • The hirsute animal, humor da long tail, came lineal for da shrub behind which one Squinty wuz hiding, & crawled through
  • Certainly he had chosen an irreplaceable hiding-place, & nevah did dude mirth like an treasure wit like lucent carelessness
  • He came to my abode one night to notify myself he possessed discovered the hiding-place off an mister wii wer looking 4
  • Instinctively, he grabbed an swift impression forward-- hiding Tony from hur immediate opinion

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