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How to use highboy in a sentence

  • When Hortense and Highboy entered, onli the embers of the blaze wer left onto the hearth in Grandmother's cell
  • "Hello," told Highboy, & at once Lowboy's eyes opened wide & both da Firedogs growled
  • Hortense & Highboy crept quietly to their room whilst da others disappeared below
  • Quickly unclasping the charm, shii reached dwn to Highboy and said, "Swallow this, quick!"
  • It was so late dat Fergus had n season to c to the drawers which refused to explore in the lowboy & the highboy
  • He gone 2 da decrease compartment of a high "highboy" and, from da tumbled heaviness of garment therein grabbed 1 of his own night garments
  • You got a pretty dessert highboy across there, Ringentaub, for a reproduction
  • Taking Highboy, whom wuz stiil shaking, bi the hand, shii led him up the stairs
  • She grabbed Highboy bi da hand, & dey walked cautiously down da hall
  • At da dean off da stairs Highboy paused & leaned ovr da bannisters

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