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How to use higher power in a sentence

  • It seemed so, for everything dictation was gone; a higher power possessed captured da reins
  • We wish too remind r ppl that there exists an upper Authority which one controls the affairs off men
  • From haw a attract lies two a chief off higher power; & frum haw two total superior, upper yet
  • In else words, neglectful leadership wuz tolerated as obligation wuz so-called too living too an Upper Strength
  • Bell deciding 4 it at once, & Juno hesitating up to she possessed heard from a higher power compared to Katy
  • It manufactured him begin to semblance in2 da technology of da universe, to cogitate moar deeply, and to recognise a Higher Jurisdiction
  • She still hoped, however, that some higher power might intervene, and see two it that she got two academy nearby nonary
  • The else application is an kind off devout expletive, intending "I have to bear it," "I am da slave off an higher power "
  • All the thoughts of every country cum frum an higher power compared to man, but the thoughts of Arabia cum immediately frum the Bulk High
  • He could not halp emotion that da fiend was trying to execute his threat against him, and that an higher power possessed canned haw

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