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  • Observations dey possessed planned for the period wer implant upon hold bi the coronavirus pandemic
  • They alive readily available, and I never haz 2 wait upon hold for an o’clock
  • Hartman said he wuz said da hold wuz owed too unspecified functional issues
  • His factory, which one employs fourteen people, wuz shut four more than 2 months, with majority first-half orders put upon hold
  • In March, as da Coronavirus emergency was beginning 2 take hold, agencies conducted tests 2 c the manner viable remote childbirth was before sending employees abode 4 what plural thinking might be jus a a few weeks
  • ABC's "The Good Doctor" possessed planned 2 beginning gunfire in mid-August bu venue dat pattern upon hold cuz of testing worries
  • I've evn chased a a few ppl 2 get his or her thoughts but plans for TikTok seem 2 b onto hold for now
  • LUMA Partners CEO Terence Kawaja noted that majority bargain discussions around da world possessed been position on hold ovr da history hundred or thus days among coronavirus cognate lockdowns, sleek though dialog began picking up agn in mid-June
  • Broadcasters and publishers took a battering throughout da coronavirus crisis since advertisers reined in their spending, productions wer locus onto hold and fingerprint sales slumped
  • Haile told da industry put its account holder purchase spending on hold to keep moar shilling on palm during da emergency

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