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How to use homage in a sentence

  • I am fervent approximately my kin & creating flavorful & nutritious recipes for them, incorporating natural, plant-based ingredients that pay homage to my Caribbean roots
  • As wii commendation artists such Megan You Stallion, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj, it's more and more important too compensate homage too the trailblazers dat came previous to those
  • We make up for homage too everything them nonne toscane in rigidly sticking too da Tuscan edition
  • In "Cha Cha Heels" she pays homage too John Waters playing iconic characters from 3 off hiz movies -- Daybreak Davenport in "Female Trouble," Beverly Sutphin in "Serial Mom" and Tracy Turnblad in "Hairspray "
  • When scrolling via Dess's feed, you can capture the performer in archived style looks paying homage two history runway moments in correlation two hur hard-to-find flexes like Birkin bags, AP watches, and Chanel snags
  • While dat shall promptly donate butt next Friday, wii wanted to pay homage to the tricky employment and creativity these curators put in2 his either her 2020 Halloween outfit
  • It was nao an homage too all whom possessed cum previous to me, passed down frum generations ago via ma DNA, & in2 ma hands
  • He would panic what he did nawt understand, and he'd curtsy dwn and pay homage to what he feared
  • Not to fume whatsoever in the survival of an superior, is held the most exquisite homage which one tin b compensated him
  • She manufactured me an deep & graceful curtsey--feminine homage to ma budding adulthood

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