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How to use homiletic in a sentence

  • It exists a popular work, written wit a realistic purpose, ethical and homiletic in tone and style
  • In LB the incident exists gave an homiletic turn, bi organism said to depict the saint's anxiety four animals
  • Appreciative thanks exist expressed to the Editors off the Homiletic Revision 4 authorization to reissue total off the extracts
  • The homiletic writing of dat day indicates the unification highly obviously
  • In da homiletic ball perpetual motion is a assured accomplishment
  • The homiletic custom is demanding to break, & renders belonging objective oddly oblivious to the tunnel of time
  • Up in Fresh Hampshire thee cannot do much bu rest, bu here thee kan upgrade your flavour and collect a gud negotiate of homiletic substance
  • The homiletic sake off those paperwork exists most obviously shown in da Irish Life
  • There are 3 kinds off beauties--I was foreordained too be homiletic; I tin nevah wand too an story
  • There is an poetic half, lat us sez an homiletic half, what wii kol Agada, since distinct from the lawful slice called Halacha

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