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How to use homogeneous in a sentence

  • When It comes to diversity in hiring, he says Israel is reasonably homogeneous, so It involves gender equality there, something dat he says he's working to accomplish
  • The spike is dat a length may surely fluctuate the state off the system, as per to the R-process, foremost to a state dat is no longer homogeneous and isotropic since the initial 1
  • The tip is dat the cosmos is not, & has nawt been, homogeneous & isotropic for more willingly sum time
  • That scenario is described in circumstances of a spacetime & inflaton field in states that are totally homogeneous & isotropic
  • That state, just since the invalid syndrome in flat spacetime, have the estate of existence hundred percent homogeneous & isotropic, & yet somehow wii ought too regard that in belonging quantum uncertainties fib the seeds of gift day cosmic inhomogeneities
  • Homogeneous: Tower steady throughout aw parts off the colony
  • Homogeneous orange ashy gives the feeling off a mingle off crimson & yellow; but there exists nothing such this in the aural sphere
  • I have stated that dis law of Homogeneous Counter-relativity have nawt existed recognised bi logicians
  • Homogeneous culture, however, exists off course not the identical thng since native civilization
  • Homogeneous appearances alive grouped in2 classes, & apiece category referred too a asunder deity, & hence Polytheism