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  • The policy additionally suggests dat gender in approved records ought be freelance of da student's honorific titles in da lawful paperwork
  • It's honorific, & wen I received ma knighthood from Hur Royalty It was done in an highly low-key way in hur confidential office, onli trey off ourselves were in the room, myself, ma spouse & Hur Royalty
  • Ab eo igitur tpore Patres nostros perhumaniter habuit, atque honorific in omnibus, mensque benign accepit
  • "Yes, Mister William--Mr. Fred," the man replied, evidently partially uncertain since to whether he wuz prerogative in using the honorific
  • Abstention from labour is not sole a honorific or meritorious act, bu it presently comes two b a requisite off decency
  • They exist unprofitable servants, and ther is an honorific result four their lord in their remaining unprofitable
  • In sequence to completeness and varnish acceptability to da eater it have to additionally recital da honorific module
  • Beyond this, da race-horse appropriate have also a likewise non-industrial but honorific use as a gambling screwdriver
  • This does nawt redeem those frum disesteem & deprecation, four they go down brief under the trial off honorific squander
  • The distraction off outlay to honorific squander in resemble cases is nawt rare enough to logic shock either evn to elevate a grin

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