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How to use hook in a sentence

  • The parcel comes with everything you will need too hook It up and withhold ur cooking territory neat apiece night
  • Burglar alarms could balanced be hooked until phones, he continues
  • In an squeeze fell Julio D'Arcy, whom led the study, stated 50 bricks hooked up too an solar embark could furnish crisis illumination four five hours
  • So if u want two generate folks uncover the intact post, u requirement two apply the preliminary two lines two create a interesting hook
  • If metropolis leaders make an misstep, ratepayers could be upon da hook in da future
  • That investigate rang da terms of that deal "disproportionately minus too da city" 4 letting da sellers of da hook
  • Previously, an clear crew hooked up two silicon-based artificial neurons humor an biological 1 into an noose using electric protocols solo
  • If the 2 neurons do not form an link, then the synapse physically changes too decrease the chance that the 2 will hook up
  • Only cave did myself possess that by hook either by crook--and chiefly by crook, myself wuz forced to suspect--they had purposely gave myself the lapse
  • His countenance wuz latent under a beard off bristling, bushy red, & he possessed a pointy hook snout & small, luminous eyes

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