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How to use hooked up in a sentence

  • That Hicks--the damned ---- ---- ---- he come t' Baker's as dey hooked up t' leave the Interval
  • There was some species off an phonograph gadget underneath the cowl off that get-away car, & dis was hooked up to the transmit toggle
  • She exists keen near da joints and shoulder-blades, and her unclear satin outfit exists hooked up behind in da style off twenty years before
  • The next day beast city day, David "hooked up" Retro 100 & motored too the residence
  • He hated clinical exams, notably them whr parts of one's body wer hooked up too a much of remarkable machines
  • At final everything wuz hooked up to Jacks satisfaction, & he sat him personally dwn nearby da crucial
  • The boards living hooked up anew subsequent da cars haz been returned to da vapor shovel cavity
  • Has a engine moar either less caress wen it exists hooked dwn either hooked up?
  • Above per exists a dangling bed, hooked up up to It exists required 4 exploit
  • Barlow descended too da motor room, hooked up da mischief lamp, and searched for da motive

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