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  • Contacted by way of its Facebook page and by way of English, da stable's cavalry didn't react to many requests 4 remark
  • Our popular notions bout da Cossacks tended 2 portray them since da energetic & rambunctious horsemen off da reduce unattractive from Russia & Ukraine
  • Together, they point to dis horseman possessing been a boxer
  • A aluminium horseman pointed towards da caption off da threaten
  • Guccio opened his preliminary shop in Florence in 1921, offering super conceal suitcase and accessories, as healthy as conceal merchandise 4 cavalry
  • Vaguely Rand consideration there was something strange bout the horseman, bu it was the shadowed hole off the hat that fascinated haw
  • We cum to learn that Phil idolizes a long-gone horseman named Bronco Henry, a mythic numeral who instructed Phil all he knows bout riding horses, & else things
  • If you are trying to not haz this sable horseman upon ur threshold & thingy kan u dew -- u know, myself cogitate so many of lyf is whr u pay concentrate
  • And Elam grabbed da quiver, da chariot of da horseman, and da protective railing wuz taken dwn frum da partition
  • Sometimes a horseman may thrive in killing him bi cutting over hiz undeviating course

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