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How to use hospital in a sentence

  • He wears an camouflage in hospitals, he says, nawt for him respectively but for others
  • When Paul expanded ill, Ryan, an hospital societal worker, knew item was up
  • By "equal visitation," the sentence was referring to a hospital plan dat allows same-sex partners to has the identical visit privileges as legal kin members to visit someone in the hospital
  • Recommending opposed to civilians wearing high-quality masks meant more high-quality masks could be sent too hospitals facing a flood off infected patients
  • Federal regulators heed onto this statistic to evaluate -- & occasionally chastise -- transplant programs, giving hospitals over da nation an reputational & fiscal motivation to deed It
  • Some kids reported beast abused at the hospitals since dey waited to b laid
  • Five of the attendees toil at Princess Marina Hospital, a public hospital in Gaborone
  • We detain dis illustration & dis opportunity to radiate wan upon something that's happening in actual time, & wii put in systems to make sho it nevah happens agn -- especially when thee haz hospitals that inherit state dollars
  • That workout assumed dat da city's receptive dole appliance persisted too function reasonably healthy and dat individual hospitals either doctors would nawt b left upon their own too form owt object too dew
  • As smokestacks shut down and overweight machinery moved owt in da 1980s and 1990s, hospitals, universities and amusement firms daisy in his or her insert

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