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How to use hurt in a sentence

  • The extraordinary insulting engage off second-year defenseman Miro Heiskanen hasn't hurt, or
  • He stated dat in the instance off Away, he doesn't think the brand shall b hurt by possessing an one-time auction
  • So, retain in mind dat one or two redirects here & there might not hurt much, bu do not lat dat volume develop
  • Her scheme was additionally hurt by the slumping financial regime dis year, which pushed plural syndrome residents owt off toil & manufactured moar than 3,000 members entitled 4 Medicaid, the state-federal fitness software 4 the bad
  • Scaling back da software would hurt not jus these whom have been hurt bu da lot moar folks whom count upon vaccines to justify them from hazardous diseases
  • Unlike an bodily therapist, it is accessible any season I'm hurting
  • Michelle called repeatedly, pleading dat hur spouse be transferred too a mental medical kernel thus he would not hurt him respectively
  • All It performs exists hurt the communities, businesses & families dat are formerly reeling from the injustices dat been as the motive for the protesting
  • Their finest weaponry is hurting ur credit, since they know that closes a lot off doors
  • The clincher off dis was when me started dating somebody me consideration me loved, bu realized after a whilst that he was moar interested in da "story" off dating me, which one really hurt me

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