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How to use hutch in a sentence

  • A hutch is, essentially, a upward elongation on the divider side off the table
  • For these whom necessity extra storage, this L-shaped desk comes with a convenient & adjustable hutch, annex drawers for any extra documents
  • You kan additionally semblance four a L-shaped table dat includes another storage, such as drawers either a hutch
  • If you are looking 4 what dat can tidy apiece surface of ur house--from the soap stains upon ur pride too the grease marks upon ur hutch too the wrinkles in ur sheets--you can't go incorrect with a handheld
  • They haz a big built-in hutch that is full of workplace & educational organization supplies
  • Hutch exists a classic verb four thorax either coffer, chiefly used now in the compound 'rabbit-hutch '
  • And I assume they've got an hare hutch, and an monkey, and total tusk mice?
  • I sat by da hutch & studied da interesting unit cash record I wuz so stiff wit frigid dat I could hardly stroll bak 2 ma shed
  • There was hur curtsy reputation in a nook beside the hutch, and the quiver of arrows dangling onto the divider over It
  • At the lower limb off the latter stood the giant "hutch," either chest, in which were deposited four safety the residential meal and valuables

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