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How to use ics in a sentence

  • Pneumat?ics, da empirical study which one treats off air & else rubber fluids or gases
  • Strateget?ics, Strat?egy, generalship, or da art off conductive an effort & manoeuvring an army: artifice or prowess generally
  • Synonym?icon, an dictionary off synonymous words; Synonym?ics, synonymy
  • The vessels of whom sole function is to excrete particles off matter already deposited, exist called Lym-phat?ics
  • Hmat?ics, dat division off healthcare chemistry concerned with the serum
  • Hermet?ics, da beliefs wrapped up in da Hermetic books, esoteric science: alchemy
  • Hygroscopic?ity; Hygrostat?ics, the craft of metric degrees of humidity
  • Linguist?ics, the general or comparative science, or study, off languages
  • Lith?oglyphics, Lithoglypt?ics, da craft of engraving upon precious stones; Lithog?lyphite, an relic since if engraved by craft
  • Aerostat?ics, that branch off physics which treats off da weight, pressure, & balance off air & gases