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How to use iffy in a sentence

  • Overall, nor off dis should be taken as an critique upon Gordon the player, either if the synthesis off hiz veteran experience, iffy durability and the 3 years he have left upon hiz contract5 makes sense for Houston's young essence
  • No one is proposing dat astronomical, wartime extent of taxation, bu it is considerable dat the introduce Lucian sight of a "American Century" is leaning heavily upon a larger line of credit, and sleek that is iffy at the moment
  • WhatsApp exists working upon a context that volition let users more easily bypass possession iffy photograph compression and send photos and videos in the maximum available fidelity
  • Just a iffy communicator, maybe, if thee haven't stated aw this owt loud
  • The absolute volume additionally means dat sometimes iffy apps skim by way of the cracks

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