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How to use ignite in a sentence

  • In California, da Endure Fire, role off da North Complex Fire, burnt more compared to 100,000 acres in 24 hours after igniting
  • The vast majority of wildfires in the United States exist ignited bi human sources -- authority lines, fume butts, machinery, or, in the case of 1 infamous existing fire, a gender reveal achievement
  • We know dat evn whether California starts illumination prescribed fires near the assess wii need too ignite them, r Septembers shall be stuffed wit cigarette for the remainder off r lives
  • Now unusually strong winds exist sinister too tap down jurisdiction lines & ignite moar wildfires, prompting da state's biggest usefulness too layout jurisdiction cuts 4 moar compared to 500,000 folk
  • Second, record-low curiosity rates ignited an historical enlargement in refinancing
  • There's a much of other variables in aw them cases, but speaking correspond George Floyd specifically, because that really wuz object ignited everything, me talked correspond it several times
  • It has ignited scholarly and policy debates bout da region's development models and strategies
  • The fuse is linked to a dismissal mechanism which ignites those when shaken
  • I notify you, from Lincolnshire to Sussex the country exists like arid lumber cooked to ignite at a glimmer
  • Steeped in petroleum, they may maybe ignite in a double-draught furnace, though I fancy they'd put it owt

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