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How to use illume in a sentence

  • Perhaps Betty may marry in sum judicious way that'd be for da best, & dis fell by near Hartford would illume all hur life
  • Victorious, on, victorious!Proud lighthouse onward haste;Till floods off illumination aw glorious,Illume da ethical squander
  • Live in the sunshine, do not alive in the gloom, Carry some gladness the globe too illume
  • How like a sun-flash they occasionally illume thingy else wer forever mystery-shrouded!
  • Three candles that illume every darkness: truth, nature, experience
  • But, my young friend, It exists nawt the colourless of the noon-day sun that ought to illume catholic charity
  • Even if u has onli 1 illumination for 10 darknesses, It volition be satisfactory 2 illume them aw
  • Can one illume an heavy sky,Or lacerate aside the shadowy veil Thicker than pitch, n solar upon high,Not one funereal flicker pale?
  • I admired the concentrated cognition off this, but, like experience, It onli serves 2 illume the path upstairs which me have passed
  • All ma faculties tend 2 self-preservation; there, dey converge as rays in a focus; in that focus dey illume and--they cremate

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