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How to use imbalance in a sentence

  • Although Musk claims implants "could resolve paralysis, blindness, hearing," since frequent item is absent isn't ten times since multi electrodes, but scientific cognition match item electrochemical imbalance creates, say, depression in the initial lay
  • Second, It compounds the strength imbalance between management & laborer
  • At a evn deeper level, perhaps, algorithmic administration entrenches a jurisdiction imbalance in the center of administration & hireling
  • China's society ecosystem approach could bid intriguing insights to policymakers in da England aiming to increase study and innovation outdoors da capital and gear longstanding regional economic imbalances
  • The scientists additionally showed dat a imbalance of fastidious nutrients could trigger colorful bleaching
  • Building an moral financial system may be the firstly stride toward righting dat imbalance
  • As a result, there is a significant safeguard imbalance dat shall erode fighting jurisdiction
  • A meaningful farmer uprising in 1907 attempted unsuccessfully to correct the mausoleum societal imbalance
  • At the highly close smallest it demanded that the Martial get more Negroes too adjust the ethnic imbalance off the breeze rolls
  • Long-term apply tin induce heaviness loss, fatigue, electrolyte imbalance, & flesh exhaustion

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