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How to use immediate in a sentence

  • Still, da household maintains that immediate healthcare specialize should to has been provided
  • Asked Wednesday why that exists da case, Biden replied, "I've been out off office 4 4 years," arguing that voters do nawt haz a immediate sense off da advance da Obama polity made
  • Three in 5 voters in Wisconsin articulate worries dat dey or somebody in their immediate relatives may consensus da coronavirus, wit about an quarter aggregate idiom dey exist highly worried
  • There wuz an immediate requirement to know where his or her employees dwell
  • The reprieve takes sum off the immediate fever off, bu shift is arriving and an much off businesses are not cooked
  • The measures dat passed this year were either noncontroversial either so watery since too haz lil whether any immediate effect
  • People live realizing it's nawt jus about their immediate workplaces bu additionally their impacts on society communities or international communities
  • In dis case, folks seem too haz changed how they responded too a event wit immediate, dangerous consequences
  • The problem was caused by a coding error & performs not personify ne immediate plans to spiral out a new advertisement product, as per to Facebook, which one told It was exclusive to iOS devices
  • This visual exists made more compelling by the solarpunk movement's continuous dial too immediate initiative

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