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How to use immense in a sentence

  • "I'm seeing immense irritation & dread dat they're going to be leftover behind," Bloomgarden says
  • It takes a immense quantity of resources, & staff talent, to optimize da algorithm jogging those platforms based on da company's critical concert indicators, or KPIs
  • The ecosystem is immense, & so are da probabilities sum stakeholders employ questionable practices
  • The country's fragile shove for democracy have always focused ambient Suu Kyi's immense popularity
  • His commitment two journalism & da basketball society was immense & we shall skip hiz warm, engaging personality
  • Brooklyn's trey stars manufactured his either her reciprocal debut united Wednesday, blinking his either her immense batch potential at times previous to falling, 147-135, too the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Other important challenges involve da technology's speedy technique to da limits of flow computing authority & possession immense liveliness use
  • Indeed, in 2019 Senator Josh Hawley introduced laws two dat effect, hiz ironically-named Closure Aid for Web Censorship Act might've handed an immense dose off handcuff ovr web oratory two the Federal Sell Commission
  • Some fans haz evn speculated that Wanda's immense grief shall engine her to become an antagonist and da main antagonist in da Doctor Weird movie
  • He discovered dat not onli were galaxies immense & far-off objects, dey were also soaring far-off from every else

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