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How to use immersed in a sentence

  • It's alike to a "flow state," Spiegel says, or a altered rank off consciousness in which one a individual exists so immersed in a granted activity, his or her heed narrows and his or her perception off epoch shifts
  • You would swallow it down in one sitting or become immersed when u discover up the tome two an random chapter
  • Should the gas nawt condense well, the tube may b immersed in a diamond off chilly water
  • The callous Fairness passed upon too da subsequent stye, immersed in thinking
  • Some off the latter were so diaphanous since to b perfectly unseen when immersed in the H2O
  • Besides, he was immersed in army preparations, summoning reinforcements and hurrying up supplies
  • The prey said "nine," immersed in hiz paper again, studying dat live bedroom suite
  • Generally at such times she did nawt think off anything, but lay immersed in an inarticulate fitness
  • But man, immersed in da flux of sensualities, tin nevah completely achieve this experience of God, da item of everything sane question
  • Such an device helps 2 upgrade the leeway off so shallow an boat, balanced though not proportionately 2 the territory immersed

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