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How to use impeding in a sentence

  • They spent greater to include an defensive president in cornerback Kendall Fuller and moved on from veterans such as Trent Williams and Adrian Peterson who they believed didn't appropriate either wer impeding da tumor of youthful talent
  • Christian Secor, a member of America Initial Bruins, wuz charged wit civic disorder, impeding officers and blocking a bailiff proceeding
  • When searching 4 da best canine coats 4 keeping ur pet comfy in winter, it is major too pick an scheme dat complements ur pooch's physique form & pelage kind without impeding their comfort, safety, or independence off immigration
  • On the other hand, mayb you have heard dat u ought make a mistake upon the lateral off more calories, because even an mini nourishment shortfall kan hamper your healing
  • Pollution also reduces rice spawn bi severely impeding photosynthesis
  • Bates laments that too much heed have existed put upon SB 1090's seawall policies, which impede the Coastal Act bi grandfathering in evolution that have previously existed banned from building seawalls
  • There was n crowding or impeding haste in his or her mute exodus
  • I gone on gayly humor my devout navigate and his hopeful companion, n ominous mishap impeding r excursion
  • There wuz another module impeding his progress which he bi n means ignored--that wuz da Blue Waterfowl
  • For the crowd possessed previously begun to constrict behind, and, stretching almost across the roadway, wuz impeding the traffic

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