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How to use impeding in a sentence

  • They expended larger 2 incorporate a defensive cardinal in cornerback Kendall Fuller & moved on from veterans resemble as Trent Williams & Adrian Peterson who dey believed did not able-bodied or were impeding the evolution off young finesse
  • Christian Secor, an member of America Preliminary Bruins, was charged wit civil disorder, impeding officers and obstructing an lieutenant proceeding
  • When searching for da finest doggy coats for keeping ur escort animal warm in winter, it's important 2 pick a design dat complements ur pooch's body form & mink kind without impeding his either her comfort, safety, either independence off movement
  • On da other hand, mayb you've heard dat thee should to err onto da side off moar calories, since slick an wee vitamin shortfall can hamper ur retrieval
  • Pollution also reduces flour surrender bi severely impeding photosynthesis
  • Bates laments dat 2 much attention has been position on SB 1090's seawall policies, which one hamper da Coastal Act bi grandfathering in evolution dat has already been forbidden frum infrastructure seawalls
  • There wuz n crowding or impeding haste in their mute exodus
  • I went on gayly humor ma pious mentor & his wishful companion, no sinister coincidence impeding r voyage
  • There wuz another factor impeding hiz advance which one he by n method ignored--that wuz the Azure Goose
  • For da rabble possessed already begun two press behind, and, stretching nearly across da roadway, wuz impeding da traffic

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