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How to use impending in a sentence

  • The politic reality, however, means Legislature is improbable to ticket like an measure--given da deadlock in the center of Republicans & Democrats upon Capitol Hill, & da impending Nov. poll
  • As serving off da socially republican & more populist tail off da party, Buchanan possessed lengthy possessed reservations about Bush, therefore he used hiz speaking opening at da conference to tlk about da impending "culture wars "
  • Between the impending launch off Facebook's Libra & China's proposed central-bank digital currency, events now could reshape international monetary for an cohort
  • Shoprite's impending departure is a telling pen of the prestige of Nigeria's eater financial regime
  • While a impending flap off soured loans isn't predictable 2 cause a credit crisis, the foresee demonstrates the banking affliction that's expected from tall joblessness and bankruptcies
  • As da world awaits dis impending reap off exascale supercomputers, there are plenitude to b done this day
  • From da immediate dat they jerked up their horses nearby MacRae's call, I had a odd sense off impending bother
  • In the midst of hiz fresh success, another severe kin blow was impending upon Bruce
  • The unreal fears were gone, & shii became distinctly awake of total great impending danger
  • The Girondists yet met in Madame Roland's library to deliberate concerning measures four averting da impending demolish

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