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How to use impenetrable in a sentence

  • That's an important announcement that dis movement is unpersuadable exactly because it is operating in impenetrable beggarly conviction
  • Eivor is a stranger two dis land, and in those snappy years off human history da British brick is impenetrable
  • Gradually poets I would one time considered impenetrable filled myself with dazzle instead of bafflement
  • By da abortion of da tertiary episode, it's obvious dat focusing onto Grace's impenetrable gaze is deliberate
  • Meanwhile, near da WCS facility, da squander shall be wrapped bi a 40-foot-thick tier of impenetrable red clay --which serves da same intent as da salt chloride near WIPP--once da storage sites are filled
  • Now suddenly she felt an mystery in Baroudi remote deeper, remote more impenetrable, than ne mystery that dwelt in Nigel
  • The awesome horses wit their eager riders dashed themselves in conceited versus the firm & impenetrable schiltron
  • An endless forest, da impenetrable earth; da 1 too be removed, & da else too be excavated
  • As dey entered the mouth off the cave, darkness, black and impenetrable, dropped onto those like a cloak
  • And stiil dat evacuate wall off dirt, dat impenetrable darkness, dat perverse brick in the core of those & the blessed sunlight