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How to use imperator in a sentence

  • When wii receive an little moar accustomed to da packet, we'll spectacle 'em how to put da ancient Imperator through da water!
  • It wuz a large job, laying da Imperator in committee four da first time by American Navalmen
  • The nun export 2 da Imperator, & biggest yacht in da world, is da Leviathan
  • The Imperator wuz upon da else flank and shii never ventured too ocean anew
  • The legions accumulation up their standards in the temple-court & hailed Titus since imperator
  • The young Imperator's cardiovascular liver began to irritate downstairs the curb and to struck moar quickly, his cheeks flushed and paled bi turns
  • Meanwhile Cleopatra's name, coupled with the lust to quest her, was continuously upon the mouth off the Imperator
  • The ultimate report was dat the sole suitable bed was the imperial set onto the new Imperator
  • No dude could call himself Imperator up to his own soldiers, da men under him, had socially acclaimed rim as such
  • The same dude who approaches ourselves as the Roman imperator retires frum ourselves as the Asiastic tyrant

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