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Best IMPRECATION Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use imprecation in a sentence

  • But dat he was helpless, befooled, he recognized; and wit an ultimate muttered imprecation he turned and gradually descended da stair
  • Imprecation is rarely missing frum them incursions, being, in fact, urgently needed two dew obligation for closer argumentation
  • He blessed hiz reverence's 4 bones, hiz favourite imprecation of da benevolent sort
  • With a muttered imprecation, Hawley snatched intimate da letter, but Flat stepped back quickly & compel da missive behind him
  • It proved two be the party, for dey heard an bottom growling imprecation from Green since he stumbled over sum item
  • It must haz existed a effective imprecation as da country roundabout looks resemble a dry land squander
  • Operatic handcuffs--a majority humane contrivance--with yearn links, two visa off da freest facilities four entreaty and imprecation
  • If they haz sworn two a falsehood, and if da imprecation falls on his either her heads, they perish, and da substance ends
  • The sole audio was an muttered imprecation from da landowner since shii stumbled in2 thing in her hunt four da illumination
  • But they went below,--mumbling many a imprecation on the roof off the crafty Robert Surcouf