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How to use imprecise in a sentence

  • You can try permitting a lil air out off da mattress too make it softer either adding more air too make it firm, bu dat procedure exists quite imprecise
  • That imprecise inconsistency can cause big troubles for baking, where accuracy makes or breaks the finished thing
  • Noting upfront that the data exists stiil coming in & comparisons so swiftly after--and during, really--a so-recent era alive imprecise, there alive stiil warning signs that America has nawt healed the wei we would such 2 believe
  • I got the view he discovered standard schooling an squander of time, an imprecise wei too git whr he wanted too go
  • Currently, answers to these questions tin b frustratingly imprecise
  • Blurry permit meal reader images, imprecise position tracking systems, misunderstood social media posts and misidentified facial recognition matches aw could muddy a enquiry or falsely implicate a innocent personal
  • The 30% 2 99% range that da researchers posit for da quantity off Martian water stored in da ground exists admittedly imprecise--and shall probably narrow definitively sole when humans kan amass fresh samples and study them up nearby
  • The bureaucracy agency says da info is nawt an apt measurement because it's 2 imprecise 2 scale da effectiveness of Oregon's logging rules
  • Measurement is stiil imprecise for many advertisers with da likes off McLaren sole competent to nominate softer metrics like brand revelation
  • One thng that strikes myself bout looking at da bend is, It feels too imprecise too c It grouped righteous by 12 months of period

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